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encadrement approximatif - avant l’set up de l’appareil Avant d’encadrer votre appareil, déterminez les exigences de ventilation avant de décider de l’emplacement last de l’appareil.

The air purifiers utilize a corona discharge for creating ions that are negatively charged molecules. Dust and also other huge particles are easier to be ionized due to the fact They can be greater for being handed through the corona discharge.

A number of sensors “see” obstacles and take surface photos for collision-cost-free Procedure. The innovative Learning Operate also can help it realize areas it’s previously cleaned, for interruption-free vacuuming.

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venting set up horizontal set up WARNING • The fi restop assembly needs to be mounted with the vent shield to the top. • Terminals should not be recessed into a wall or siding more than the depth in the return fl ange from the mounting plate.

Utilisez des supportes ou des attaches incombustibles équivalents afi n de maintenir le dégagement aux matériaux combustibles pour les courses verticales et horizontales.

By no means Make it possible for Youngsters To the touch GLASS. consignes de sécurité A barrier designed to reduce the risk of burns in the sizzling viewing glass is supplied with this equipment and AVERTISSEMENT shall be installed for that protection of youngsters and other at-threat individuals.

Thick dense filter substance grab super tiny particulates inside the air. Pleated filters have an elevated surface are to seize the particles. Some filters can be washed and a few must be replaced.

Observe: Make sure the three posture slider switch is in the “Distant” posture (middle). initializing the battery holder/switch for the first time Be aware: The initializing approach should be finished within ten seconds of pressing the reset / system (PRG).

fi ls sont courbeés. Câblage de la soupape est Remplacez la soupape. tutorial de dépannage endommagée symptôme problème Resolution Moteur tourne, les Les piles du récepteur sont Remplacez les piles.

rough framing - just before appliance set up Right before framing your appliance, identify vent necessities prior helpful resources to selecting the final site on the equipment.

Take note: Fastening components delivered with ideal roof terminal and liner kits. Fasten the roof guidance to your roof utilizing 6 screws. The roof assist is optional.

exigences d'évacuation installations particulières d’évents (ensemble périscopique) Utilisez l’ensemble périscopique afin de positionner la terminaison au-dessus du niveuau du sol.

entretien 13.0 entretien AVERTISSEMENT • Coupez l’alimentation en gaz et l’alimentation électrique avant de procéder à l’entretien de l’appareil. • L’appareil peut être chaud. Attendez qu’il soit refroidi avant d’en faire l’entretien.

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